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Orange Fever



In case you missed it, our hometown college basketball team went from “eh” to “oh my god, we all must watch the game” in about a weekend. After three nail-biting games in a row, they shocked everyone by making it to the NCAA Tournament*.

If you’re the betting type, you can download bracket templates here.

If you’re the non-betting, non-athletic type, you can play with Sherwin William’s new (to me at least) Color Visualizer to pick the perfect shade of orange for, say, your dining room – and show your Orange spirit all year round. We’re getting tired of the pink, and are now leaning toward replacing it with Ember Glow. It looks a little peachy on the computer but is a very nice rusty shade in person.

The tool also loads up color selections from their great historic palettes (The Jazz Age, Suburban Modern, Victorian, etc.) – very helpful for picking a good scheme.

*Note: Some kind anonymous soul set me straight, as I had mistakenly written that we’re in the Final Four, when in reality (if my calculations are right) they’re about 4 winning games away from that bracket! Must be my high hopes getting the best of me ;)

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jacie collins had this to say on 03.14.06:

Mindy, I just read that orange is the new red,I just got a really bright orange for our bathroom. love,jackie

Anonymous had this to say on 03.15.06:

Actually they aren’t in the final four yet. Right now they’re in the tournament of 64 teams.

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