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Organizing frenzy


I don’t know if it’s the new year, the Ikea trip, or just a chemical imbalance, but I’ve been on an organizing rampage since last weekend and I just can’t stop…..

It started with the pantry. We put shelving in, which meant *YAY* no more overstuffed kitchen cabinets. That got me revved up, so I went to the Dollar Store and picked up about three hundred million storage containers, hooks, baskets, etc. By this point, I’m racing through the aisles to track down every single useful organizing tool there is. I even bought an old-school Dymo labeler, the kind that prints out the cool raised letters. Totally out of control.

Armed with my finds, we spent part of this week finishing up the pantry, my new pride and joy. Check it out:

Notice the 3 matching garbage cans – those are for our recyclables. They’re labeled and everything.

(closeup of the place for all my plastic bags, and one of our TWO lid holders! yeehaw)

We have not one, not two, but 6 of these wire shelf things. God bless the Dollar Store.

We’re going to add more shelving at some point, and hooks for our coffee mugs, but it provides more than enough storage space for now.

After I finished the pantry, I moved on to my craft room. And wow, I had no idea just much craft crap I had crammed into such a small space. No wonder I can never find what I’m looking for. That’s not done yet though, so you’ll have to check back for before/afters.

Oh, and last night, when I found out The Office wasn’t on, I took out all my photos and put them into mini albums, arranged roughly in chronological order and grouped by event. Seriously, someone stop me.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

LisaB had this to say on 01.05.06:

lol – I go on organizing rampages too, so I can totally understand. As a crafter with stashes of unorganized stuff all over the place, I can’t wait to see pictures of a whole organized craft room!!

Nick had this to say on 01.07.06:

What’s up with the middle shelf in the picture? It doesn’t appear to be supported on the right side like the other two shelves.

You drink coffee, right? I think you had a wee bit too much today. ;)

Leah had this to say on 01.10.06:

Oooooooh a super-organized pantry. I’m lovin’ it. Jealous of all your space for all those garbage cans and the vacuum. We have NO WHERE to put our vacuum on the first floor. A lack of a coat closet is NOT a good thing…

Gotta love the label gun =)

Kristen had this to say on 01.13.06:

Mmm … Jordan Pond popover mix! I love that place. Nothing like a hot popover with strawberry jam during a quiet repose from trekking through Acadia.

Congrats on the organization. :-)

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