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Our dreams, decoded


So it seems that many of us have dreamt about finding and exploring new closets, rooms, or entire sections of our house. I myself have a reoccuring dream in which I find about 3 new rooms I was previously unaware of. In the dream I am always very excited about my find, and amazed that I could have ignored them for so long. In reality our house is plenty big enough, and if I *did* find new rooms in our house I’d just be worrying about higher heat bills!

So what’s it all mean? My closet dream I understood – we need closets. Teague and I are moving downstairs so that my brother can move in upstairs, and our living room has become our master bedroom. Of course, it has no closets. No hidden meaning to that one.

But what about all these “secret/hidden room” themed dreams we’re having? Here’s what an online dream dictionary had to say:

To dream that you find or discover new rooms, suggests that you are developing new strengths and taking on new roles. You may be growing emotionally.

And another interesting item:

Carl Jung talked about recurring dreams he had in which he would discover parts of his house that he didn’t know existed. In that dream the house represented his personality and the new things he discovered in the house related to new developments in his work.

Houses in dreams usually represent parts of ourselves. It is important that you think about what the symbols in this dream represent to you. I will give you one interpretation but I caution you, this does not mean that it is correct because only you know what these symbols really mean.

This seems to be true for most of us – we’re in a state of flux, taking on new responsibilities and learning new skills daily to keep up with our house needs. Makes sense!

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