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Our Halls: Totally Decked


What happens when you leave me home alone for 6 days straight with nothing to do but watch tv and gripe about how bored I am, and how much my head hurts? The ornaments come out, and every last inch of this house gets a little holiday cheer.

Ok, well I kept it to the downstairs, since the upstairs is a giant mess and I’m pretending it does not exist. But the downstairs has glittery things from one end to the other. I have a thing for holiday decorations. I go nuts buying them after the holidays when they’re 75% off, so we have many tupperwares filled with stuff. Here’s a small sampling… the tree really highlights our bay window, which is in the “foyer”. I wish we could keep it up year round!
Entryway between the foyer and dining room (complete with lights):


Our real Christmas tree, looking spectacular.


The dining room chandelier, with gold berries and birds.


The dining room mantle with some spray painted pine cones (easiest decoration ever).

Pretty presents, with gold and terra cotta wrapping paper to match the paint colors in the two adjacent rooms. Me, obsessive? Never.


Not enough? Check out our Flickr account for a few more.

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