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Paint snobs: 30% off Sherwin Williams (Nov. 2-4)

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Everyone knows I’m into the pricey paints – but I almost never pay full price for them. $40/gallon? Not a chance.  Here’s our secret – we opened a Sherwin Williams customer account a few years ago, which gets us 20% off every day. On top of that, they send plenty of coupons and sale flyers.

I’m sharing the love today – print out this coupon for 30% off  paints and stains, 20% off supplies, and 15% off the Duration line.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

ellipsisknits had this to say on 10.24.07:

I’d love to see a more in-depth article from a self-professed paint-snob like yourself on picking paint.

What to look for, what to avoid, what features make a difference, and what is just marketing hype. I tend to go ‘dur, it all looks like paint’. And pick the cheap stuff ’cause, well, it all looks like paint!

natalie had this to say on 10.25.07:

oh, girl, THANK YOU! the drywall and plaster people are leaving on tuesday and we start painting next wednesday. the painter said i will need 3 gal primer + 3 gal paint in every room + 10 gal of each in the hall….that’s *52* gallons. could your coupon come at a better time?! i think not.
(oh, and thank you for the email! we finally got *5* guys to haul the radiator downstairs, thank god)
i’m getting my masters in historic preservation and i’m taking a conservation of historic bldg materials class and i learned that you actually have a roof belvedere (which means ‘beautiful view’ in italian) and not a cupola (which is more rounded). :-)
here’s some websites that mention it (roof belvedere)…i would scan in the pic from my textbook but i left it at home:
have a great weekend and thanks for the coupon!

Mindy had this to say on 10.25.07:

ellipsisknits – ask, and ye shall receive. sort of… I wrote a post with paint tips here:

Also be sure to check out the great comments in that thread.

As far as the WHY, for me it’s all about coverage and color. Cheaper paints take additional coats to cover, and their colors are often not as saturated. They can also be less durable. I used to use the cheapest paint I could find, typically $10 for a gallon, but having to coat something 3 times is a waste of time AND means you need way more paint. I think the extra investment pays for itself – less work and less paint cans to lug around.

One “cheaper” brands I do love is Valspar. It is available at Lowes. It’s about $10 cheaper than a gallon of Sherwin Williams or Dutch Boy at full price.

Natalie, thanks for the info on “Roof Belvederes”, I will have to check that out. Awesome major, I’m jealous :) Glad you could use the coupons!

Sugar Loaf Real Estate had this to say on 10.25.07:

Good post. Fount the cheap painting tricks very informative.

Aunt Sue had this to say on 10.26.07:

We swear by S W too. We painted our mobile in 1997 with their best and did it again last winter to change color but it was still in good shape. Larry just needed a “project.”

Bee Siler had this to say on 03.11.09:

Hi…do you have any updated coupons? Just bought 1731 sq ft home in SW FL. Friend painting outside of home next week and highly recommends Sherwin Williams. Do you have any coupons that can be used now? Much appreciation,
Bee Siler

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