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Photo Gallery Goodness


We’ve kept ourselves busy this week by endlessly debating the eighty different ways to repair our roof, the details of which will thoroughly bore you to death. I think we’ve finally come to a decision, but the materials haven’t been purchased yet. I refuse to put it in writing before something is on the Home Depot card, so stay tuned for details.
Our second dumpster of the summer is just waiting to be filled with tear-off debris. As soon as we have the materials, and this crazy heat wave breaks, we’ll climb up there. Temps are improving compared to yesterday; as of right now, the National Weather Service is predicting a high of 92 with a heat index value making it feel like 101 degrees.

While I bathed in sweat yesterday, I did manage to organize some of our photos AND take measurements of all the first-floor rooms. Finally. It only took two years to get to that…….
So check out the Photo Gallery for two new slideshow albums – the exterior, and the dining room – as well as the new diagram!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

merideth had this to say on 08.04.06:

ugh! i do NOT envy you the roof work in this heat…we only have a little bit of top side work to do and i cant bring myself to get up there…remember to keep hydrated…put a camelback full of gatorade on and GO!