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Preparing for Brimfield

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This Friday we’re headed out to “New England’s largest antique show” in Brimfield, Massachusetts. It’s a MASSIVE outdoor show (5000+ dealers) that takes over the small city 3 times a year. This is our first trip out there, and should prove to be interesting. We’ll be bringing the camera, and you can expect a post-mortem detailing our trip!

We won’t be looking for anything in particular, but we will have the truck with us should anything wonderful and surprisingly affordable pop into view. I’m sure we’ll come home with something fun, despite our limited funds. If you are shopping for something specific at Brimfield, it’s best to go earlier in the week like Gary. Who, by the way, we will be meeting in person on Friday. This is our first real-life encounter with a fellow houseblogger, and Gary’s blog is one of my favorites. I have no doubts that this will be a fun weekend!
We’re camping, so hopefully the ridiculous rain that pounded us is over for a while. I’m bringing play clothes just in case. If it rains, and we’re traipsing through fields all day with 30,000 other people, I’ll be the first to take a running head-first mud slide.

I found all sorts of “Survival Tips” for the show, which seems a bit scary and intimidating. Are antique dealers going to feed me to the wolves if I don’t bring enough cash? Are we going to get lost among the booths and wander without food or water for days and days? Will we poke one anothers eyes out while arguing the purchasability of some pretty little item we uncover? Or will we just end up hot, tired, and overwhelmed?
If you too are headed to Brimfield, here are a few of my favorite links:
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Kristen had this to say on 07.10.06:

Thanks for the links! Perfect timing, as I’m thinking of heading up from Li’l Rhody tomorrow or Wednesday (vacation week – woo hoo!) depending on the weather. Though I just spent my shopping money on a new water pump for my Jeep, I stopped at the ATM tonight for that (small) wad of cash anyway, then came home and found this. Hope you have a great time and that the weather holds for your camping trip. I can’t believe this monsoon season we’re having. Looking forward to reading about your experience, too.

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