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Pretty wall color

Dining Room

I really like warm colors like this – and it looks great with those wood floors, which are about the same color as ours will be (after removing the dirt, grit and paint stains).

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Kristin had this to say on 11.30.04:

I love that color, too! We might do our living room that color … or red.

Alfie "lover of natural wood flooring" had this to say on 03.26.06:

I really love the colour. Especially how it fits with the wood flooring. I wonder whar colour that is classed as. Some shade of brown I suppose. Anyway a very natural and fresh looking room.

Eileen Lindsay had this to say on 04.13.06:

I love your site and your creativity. PLEASE tell me where you got the picture of the bathroom that you posted when you discussed using a stencil to create a damask pattern. I have been looking for a month to find JUST THAT DAMASK IN JUST THAT COLOR. It is perfect. If you get this message, please e-mail the answer to me. I cannot tell you how grateful I would be!

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