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Pretty weeds


When one stops mowing due to no-motivation-syndrome, marvelous things can happen. Your neighbors might despise you, but beautiful things will pop up all over your yard. Use this as an excuse to put off weed-whacking for a few more days:


Whatever that thing is, it’s cool – and about 4 feet tall at the moment. Kinda makes me want to throw out some native grass seeds, pack up the mower, and see what happens! Too bad there’s a town ordinance against that…….

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Suileeka had this to say on 09.05.07:

Hee. We have a few large patches of flowering weeds (thistle, mint, something unidentifiable) in our yard, which my boyfriend (the wielder of the mower) declares are ‘too pretty to cut’.

I like the mint, but I had to intervene when he let one weed – smack dab in the middle of the yard – grow to be 6 feet tall because he wanted me to research what it was for him! Our neighbors are sympathetic enough to our house woes that they’re unlikely to complain, but still.

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