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Previous life


Once again, spent nearly the entire weekend working on the house. Sure, there was plenty of blank-stare tv watching when we were too tired to lift a hammer, but by and large our free time was spent shopping for materials, talking about plans, and hammering away at on the kitchen exterior.

In life B.H. (before house), I had all sorts of hobbies. I have buckets of art and craft supplies to prove it. I dabbled in all sorts of things, including quilting, painting, and collage, and read about a book a week. Teague had hobbies too – he is an excellent portrait artist, and also great at architectural renderings. He used to cook me good food, play video games, and help his friends fix their cars. Now, we’re lucky if we have enough energy to stay awake through a video rental. The house is our mistress, and all other passions seem to have fallen by the wayside.

Housebloggers – what was YOUR hobby Before House?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Graham had this to say on 08.08.05:

My hobby was working on old cars, in fact we bought our house because it has a great barn. I wish I had some time to use it…….

Kristin had this to say on 08.08.05:

We still have time now and then for some of our hobbies, just not as often as B.H. I sew, scrapbook, work on my dollhouse, and edit my novel. Darwin tools around on his motorcycle, works on his “fun” truck and sings in a gospel group. People are always stunned by how much stuff we have going at once, but that’s why we never have anything FINISHED.

Lee Ann had this to say on 08.08.05:

You guys are so funny….what hobbies…can’t remember…we have an 1899 house in Ottawa, Canada and are restoring our house, taking care of 2 school age kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a rat and a tarantula (the kids’) and we both work full-time as well. Ok, now that I scared you…you will learn to arrange your time and get to do more of what you used to and the more “exercise” you get working on your house, the more energy you’ll have to work on your house and hobbies too. Also, as more and more gets done in your house you’ll have more time. My husband and I had no time when we first started working on our house in 2001 but now we both run, garden, read, play on the gamecube and computer and take the kids and dogs to the cottage for a weekend getaway at least twice each month in the summer. PS If you’ve any plans for children in the future get them used to sleeping to the sounds of saws, heatguns, hammers, etc. That gives you time in the evenings/night to work on your house too.

Alex had this to say on 08.08.05:

I loved making web sites and general computer programming (my day job so I don’t miss it too much)

I used to play in an adult (18+) baseball league with lots of good players
I used to lift weights 4 times a week and run 4 days a week
I used to play tennis
I used to take vacations
I used to eat out at nice places
I used to go to museums
I used to enjoy a nice day outside
I used to look for houses to buy…

but eventually looking turned to buying, and buying turned to renovating, and renovating turned into a sickness, and my sickness dominates my life.

Jocelyn had this to say on 08.09.05:

I used to run 5K races, paint my toenails, highlight my hair and wear silly impractical shoes as well as go to the movies alot. Mostly what I have given up are more frivolous things.

Now I wear shoes that make my feet happy, have natural brown hair, get my exercise working on the house, and get a pedicure once in a while.

Oh, I used to read alot more, but at least now I read blogs and write my own. It keeps me writing all the time. Being a former English major, I like that.

Beth had this to say on 08.09.05:

Hobbies? What are those?
We used to travel and sleep in and sew and do crafty things.
We still travel to home depot, at least.

Tim had this to say on 08.10.05:

It’s funny – now that we are renovators, every “Sunday drive” (those Sundays that we aren’t covered in filth and debris) inevitably ends up at Home Depot!

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