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Psssst…. vote for us!


We have entered a remodeling blogging contest over at The voting just opened up, so now would be a great time to show us some love and go vote! And then if you really love us, you can vote again every day for the next 4 months because the contest runs until September 1st.

The grand prize is $5,000 – a very significant chunk of change. A chunk of change which of course would go right back into our house, so really you’d be winning too because you’d get to see us spend that $5,000 on remodeling projects. See? Win-Win.

You will need to register with the website in order to vote. (*Please ignore my bitter rantings and see my edits at the bottom of this post) They require an email address, which means you’ll probably receive email newsletters or some other form of contact from RemodelingMySpace. They have some great content  including how-to videos -that the home improvement crowd will no doubt enjoy should it arrive in their inbox. But if you find their emails aren’t useful, it’s easy enough to hit the Junk Sender button ;)

Vote for us here:

(Or click on the button in the top-right sidebar)

Maybe this’ll get me moving on the site redesign I had so hoped to launch about 6 months ago and STILL haven’t started….

Paul of wrote a very helpful comment about why they are requiring emails – and it’s not to spam you with junkmail ;) Was the bitter jaded web designer in me showing through or what??

I can attest to the fact that I’ve been registered with RemodelingMySpace for about a month now (I think?) and I have not gotten any junk/spam from them. I’ve also found some really great content on their site so I do hope you’ll all take a look at what they have to offer.

I’m all for e-mail newsletters and educational stuff, as well as contests. I just know some of our readers aren’t home improvement types (they’re family and friends) so I was giving them an “out”. Didn’t word it quite right, though!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Paul Marek had this to say on 05.02.07:

Hi Mindy,

Actually, we are asking voters for their email address to try to keep things honest and fair for everyone. We have ways of finding out if people are using a ‘’ address too… ;) Those votes will be deleted.

Yes, in future we may send a few emails notifying voters about things related to the contest, and possibly about other offerings we have, but we really hate spam as much as everyone else… I get over 500 per day, so I am very conscious of it. :) Actually, the only email we’ve sent to pre-registered voters was a notification that voting was open.

I urge your visitors to visit our site and view all the entered blogs (to get great ideas and inspiration), then vote for you. ;)

PS: Each IP address is only allowed one vote throughout the entire contest, so multiple voting won’t be counted.

Good Luck!

Kristin had this to say on 05.04.07:

So is this contest for the whole blog or one specific post or a series of posts on one project? I’d like to enter, but I can’t figure it out.

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