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Rained Out


Well, it’s official – we’re waiting until next weekend to start sanding down the other 2 floors. I can’t say I’m excited about pushing our timeline back a week, since it means our house will be ripped apart that much longer, but I suppose we’ll survive.

The living room floor’s last coat of varnish is hard enough to walk on, but not quite hard enough to put giant pieces of furniture on. And it’s supposed to rain for about 8 days straight, so nothing we do will dry. To add to our list of excuses, Mothers Day is on Sunday and I have a big deadline at work that requires some overtime. Add it all up, and this weekend’s project was just not meant to be.

Ah well…… we’ll bask in the glory of what IS done for one more week. Namely, the bedroom and the office. Here it is again folks – the before/during/afters that prove we were not insane for holding out on buying a wall-to-wall rug to cover these beauties up!




Now that we know the process takes about 2 weeks from start to finish, we’ll be planning a little more carefully the second time around. Our biggest obstacle will be how to make the downstairs bathroom accessible for those two weeks. Right now you HAVE to cross hardwood to get to it, so we’re either going to build a catwalk or climb through the window……

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Patricia W. had this to say on 05.12.06:

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Gregory had this to say on 05.12.06:

If your bathroom is in a hallway, you could do half of the hallway, then the other half. That is, just do something big enough to step over, and make your joint run parallel with a row. Or, just use the kitchen sink.

mindy had this to say on 05.13.06:

Hahaha – Greg, great suggestion! Teague approves.

Kristin had this to say on 05.16.06:

Lovely lovely lovely! The grain of the wood is so pretty!

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