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Re-installing clapboard siding


Guess what? We’re re-siding! I love it.

It’s time to put the clapboard siding back onto the kitchen, and Teague laid the first few tracks to make sure they were straight and level. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to contribute, since he’ll be working all weekend.

It’s kind of like putting a puzzle together. There’s a large stack of siding of varying lengths, and we’re not sure it’s enough to cover the entire thing. We salvaged everything we could when we took the old room down, but many of the boards were too badly damaged to be reused.

It’s a fairly straight-forward installation though, and as always, the internet provides a wealth of information….

Siding Installation Information

Installind Clapboard on This Old House

The neighbor keeps asking when we’re planning to do vinyl, and I keep telling her I adore our clapboard siding, as does Teague. The house would lose 9/10ths of it’s charm if we covered it up.

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Beth had this to say on 06.24.05:

Yay for clapboard siding! Boo to vinyl. When we ripped off our vinyl siding, things were rotting and ugly under there because the vinyl had trapped all the moisture in. Clapboard all the way!

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