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Reader Question: Clawfoot tub not sitting right

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Alright, housebloggers – maybe one of you can help a homeowner in need. One of our commentors wrote in with this question:

I just refinished a clawfoot bath tub with one problem the feet won’t stay in the grooves I was wondering if you had any suggestions…
Please help???


Our tub came with it’s feet attached, so we didn’t run into any issues like this. Sounds like a question for Allan over at The Daily Tubber, so maybe he’ll hear our plea.

Anyone else have ideas or suggestions?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Greg had this to say on 05.16.07:

I’ve installed and removed 6 or 7 claw foot tubs. I’ve seen at least 3 different ways the feet attach. On some of them there was a screw that was tightened once the foot was in place. On one I had, the feet slid over a wedge on the bottom of the tub. Once they were in place a pin (In my case, an old square nail) was fit in to a groove and that prevented the foot from sliding off the wedge.

Kristin had this to say on 05.17.07:

The feet won’t stay in the grooves? I can’t quite picture what that means. My one suggestion is to make sure you’ve got the feet in the right spots – they might be designed to fit into a specific place, and if you mix them up they fit just right anymore. *shrugs*

Jason & Heather had this to say on 05.18.07:

They more than likely bought the feet separately and are not made for that tub.

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