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Reclaiming our closets


My brother Cody moved out this weekend; he has been living in our upstairs “apartment” since December. It was fun to have him up there; he was so quiet we hardly noticed him. He and I rarely crossed paths because of our opposite work schedules, but we made time for Sunday dinners. We also watched Grey’s Anatomy and Lost religiously each week; I would run upstairs 5 minutes before they started and hunker down in one of his chairs. My brother follows storylines better than anyone I know; he is the perfect person to watch tv with. What will I do without him?

We had a going away party last week, and I was surprised to notice that his friends all took their shoes off before walking across our newly-refinished floors. Apparently, our house now warrants shoe-removal. We’re moving up!

Cody leaving for greener pastures

His leaving was bittersweet; I’ll miss him, but he’s moving on to a better job with plenty of opportunity. Plus…….. we get our closets back. And our bedroom will move back upstairs. No more “living-room-as-bedroom” for us. Do you know how many times I’ve woken up with my butt pressed up against the front window, drooling on my pillow for all the neighbors to see??

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Aunt Sue had this to say on 07.31.06:

Hi Guys,

Just wondering where Cody will be?

That was a cute photo with the U Haul and a Dead End sign in the back ground.

Checked your M & D’s site awhile ago and looks like you’ve done an up date there.

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