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ReHouse CNY – Salvage sale!

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If you live in the Central New York area, own an old house, and are looking for some affordable goodies to spruce up your place, ReHouse is having a 20% sale today and tomorrow – and 35% off of sinks!

ReHouse Salvage

We’ve been to ReHouse quite a few times, and it’s always worth the trip. Things we’ve scored there include 2 matching doorknob/faceplate sets for our entry doors, salvaged wood flooring used to replace damaged areas downstairs, and a whole bunch of salvaged trim we used throughout the kitchen. They have good prices, a great selection of salvage things (including stuff that isn’t old-house specific, like more modern cupboards, appliances, etc.) and fun antiques scattered throughout the store. And I swear, they’re not paying me to post about them. I just like their store alot! (Though if they did want to offer me a discount on goodies I buy from them, I’d be perfectly ok with that.)
It’s located in Rochester NY, a few blocks away from the slightly more expensive (but gloriously well-stocked) Historic Houseparts – so you could really make a salvage yard festival out of it ;)
ReHouse’s website:

Historic Houseparts’ website:

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