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Remind her of home


Got a hip house-loving mother to buy a gift for? (Mother’s Day is Sunday, don’t forget!)

I saw these on  Etsy today and had to share:

House jewelry, earrings, handcrafted

They are handcrafted “This Way Home” earrings by The Muses Jewels. I think they’re very cute, and can represent both a house and an arrow pointing you home. There’s also a ring available in this design.

Snag them here:

Etsy, by the way? Is the best gift-giving website ever, if you have friends who love artsy craftsy things.  It’s like a big giant craft fair online. Love it. Check it out:

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e r i n had this to say on 05.08.07:

Hey! I JUST found etsy this week! And I agree… the BEST gift site ever… And if I ever finish being a fixer-upper-girl maybe I’ll have time to craft up some crafts and sell them on there… yea right.

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