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Repurposed Tool = Easy Pumpkin Carving


This year, we bought 4 pumpkins from a campground in Ithaca. They were only $2-$3 each so at that price we couldn’t resist bringing home the biggest, bestest ones they had. But big pumpkins are thick and meaty, making them much harder to carve.

Luckily, we’ve got a lot of carving experience. Back when we had leisure time I used to carve very complex pumpkins. The type you see Martha Stewart bust out in 5 minutes on her tv show but then end up spending 3 hours cursing over at your kitchen table. We have tried every tool in the book, including clay modeling tools, dental picks, and ice cream scoopers. Wanna know the secret to incredibly easy carving?


Ditch that worn-out steak knive, and go get yourself a nice sharp compass saw or jab saw. You’ve probably already got one hanging around your house but if you don’t they’re very affordable – and very handy!

Jab saw for pumpkin carving

Ten times better than the tiny little saw that comes in all those carving kits they sell in stores, a jab saw cuts through squash like it’s butter and is much easier to maneuver around curves. The one we had on hand was about 9 inches long, but they make daintier ones if you’re hoping to create fancy designer pumpkins.  I’d say the jab saw is an adults-only tool, but aren’t almost all pumpkin carving implements?

This year’s jack-o-lantern masterpieces are simpler than in years past, but I think that our trick-or-treaters might appreciate them a little more than the sophisticated (and life-zapping) kind!


Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Sandy had this to say on 10.31.07:

Cool pumpkins!

Ellen had this to say on 10.31.07:

Those are great!

I was overcome with an irrational desire for cool pumpkins this year, and actually bought a little battery operated “pumpkin saw.” I thought about using the jigsaw, but was deterred by visions of the saw getting out of control and flinging pumpkin guts all over.

Next year, I’ll use the drywall saw. Much easier! (And I’m definitely not attempting a Celtic knot.)

Atlanta New Home had this to say on 10.31.07:

Nice pumpkin carvings.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Nick had this to say on 10.31.07:

I’m partial to using my rotary tool for carving. Works great…

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