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Review: Family Handyman Magazine

Tips & Tools

I’m a magazine junkie. I buy cheapo subscriptions (usually for about $5) because I KNOW I’ll be suckered into buying them for $4-5 a pop if I have nothing to look forward to when the mailman comes.

Since buying the house, my magazine tastes have changed. I used to read fluffy girly ones like Lucky and Jane. Now, we get Country Living Magazine, Home, This Old House, and The Family Handyman.

If you’ve never read The Family Handyman before, it’s worth a look. Unlike This Old House magazine, the repairs and projects are realistic. You won’t find a million-dollar remodel of a gorgeous historic home, but you will find good tips for your next drywall job and some cool ways to organize your garage. They also have pretty funny “oops” stories, where you’ll learn what NOT to do.

Their website gives you some idea as to their style:

It’s not on par with a Taunton Press publication, but we like it!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Jocelyn had this to say on 03.05.06:

We’ve subscribed to handyman for a few years now- we like it. They sometimes cover more “simple” projects that Fine Homebuilding doesn’t. It’s a keeper in our house. :)

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