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Rosie’s coveralls

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I’ve seen Teague eyeing his father’s Carhart coveralls, which are the ultimate set of “play clothes”. They’re rough and tough and will probably last a lifetime. But what about us ladies? Something tells me the Carharts aren’t exactly made to fit us.

I came across this site today, and thought I’d pass it along. Rosies are coveralls made to fit women, with built in knee-pad pockets. Named after Rosie the Riveter, of course. They even come in capri styles and floral prints, if you’re feeling frisky.

Hopefully, as retailers start to recognize the massive market they’re missing out on, they’ll be offering up some woman-friendly gear. I find that most of our power tools are hard for me to grip. Tomboy Tools has the right idea, selling a line of high-quality tools made for women. That aren’t pink.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

jm had this to say on 05.02.05:

oh these are cool! I’m so excited! Finally, recognition that women work too :)

SD had this to say on 05.02.05:

Thats a very good point about niche marketing and apparel for home improvement people. Why doesn’t Home Depot have an apparel section? No pun intended but I bet they’d clean house if they did – maybe even do what REI did, starting as a climbing and outdoors equipment co’op, moving into cloths sales, and now being primarily a clothing seller with kayaks, mountain bikes, etc. being sideline businesses.

Kristin had this to say on 05.02.05:

Those are awesome. Now I want some! I have a large supply of junky T-shirts to wear around the house, each one more paint-stained than the next.

Trissa had this to say on 05.03.05:

I think we need to contact Carharts and see if they’re at all thinking of adding a women’s line! I was thinking about good work shoes yesterday. I got Nick a pair from Duluth Trading Company. I haven’t looked yet to see if they have women’s work shoes, but I’d love a pair!

Faster Pussycat had this to say on 05.05.05:

Actually, where I live (Vermont) Carhartt’s are the official state uniform – for men and women. Especially if, like me, you loved levi’s 501 and their reliable fit. The only thing about Carhartts on women is you might need a belt to cinch in the waist, but believe it or not, they can be very flattering on lots of different body types. People wear them to the opera house around here – no kidding! (P.S. Carhartts also makes work pants with a full double front from mid-thigh to mid-shin. And no, they arent paying me to say this :) Another tip: Redwing makes good quality workboots – especially for being on your feet all day, although i’m sure Duluth does as well. (Love, love, love the bucket boss). Happy home repair!

Anonymous had this to say on 05.21.05:

Unfortunately the Rosies coveralls only come in size 6 and larger. I am looking for petite coveralls for m adult sister (4’10”) to wear for her veterenarian school. (they work in barns, etc. and need to wear coverallls) She needs a size way smaller than 6. Even I am 5’2″ and I take a size 4 for pants(which is quite loose, and always needs to be hemmed up). I cannot find smaller coveralls anywhere…

Terri Piasecki had this to say on 09.27.05:

You can find ALL kinds of gear designed and sized for women at Not just small sizes ALL sizes, INCLUDING women’s quality made coveralls!

Terri had this to say on 12.04.05:

IF you need petite coveralls… check out and
Email her, (Elizabeth Johnson) perhaps she will custom make you a pair ;-)

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