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Sad but true


I had a great dream last night. In it, I found a closet in our house that we had somehow forgotten about. I was happier than a kid at Christmas!

I think it’s pretty funny that I’m so house obsessed, I fantasize about more closet space instead of, say, Jake Gyllenhaal….

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Mark had this to say on 12.02.05:

I’ve had that dream before, too — I’ve suddenly discovered a previously overlooked section of my house! I’m sure there is some Freudian explanation.

jm had this to say on 12.02.05:

I can relate to this! I keep having a recurring dream where I open up the door to our attic storage space and there are EIGHT more large rooms back there, which immediately doubles the square footage of our house and gives us all kinds of options. I had another one of these dreams two nights ago.

Then, I wake up.

Patricia W. had this to say on 12.03.05:

I keep having a dream that I not only bought one house, I bought two! And, the 2nd one was in the worst part of town but it had a double-wide grand staircase and I just couldn’t say no. What does it all mean?

Jenne had this to say on 12.04.05:

Wow. If I could have a dream where I had my house finished, more closets, AND Johnny Depp…I might just never wake up ;)

Alex had this to say on 12.04.05:

Personally, I would rather have one tiny little small undiscovered extra closet in our house than stumble upon Jake Gyllenhaal in the closet. At least I could use the extra closet. ;-)

saple had this to say on 12.05.05:

I too have the lost space dream. It usually starts the staircase of a small spare room that I have and then there are rooms upstairs (this house is a ranch and I have been in the attic)They are in much more untouched than the rest of the house was. Thanks 80’s for that almond bathroom.


Leah had this to say on 12.05.05:

Hi Mindy,
How strange we all are! I’ve had multiple dreams like this, in fact…

One featured a circular office off of our non-existent staircase landing – earlier that day, I had been thinking how we should have planned a better office space, so I wasn’t surprised by that dream.

But another showcased a whole 2nd part of the house we had never bothered to renovate or explore, and my husband’s sister and her husband were living there as their apartment – now I certainly had never daydreamed about that! ;)

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