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signficant.gifI’ve been calling around to track down salvaged red oak for our floors, and got a bit of news that you locals might be interested in – Significant Elements, a nonprofit architectural salvage shop in Ithaca, NY, is having a sale all next week! From what I gather, it’s a sale on everything in stock.

Their website is slighty out of date, but it gives you a good idea of what you might find there:

We’ve only been to Significant Elements once, but we bought with 3 radiator covers for $25/each and 2 door knob sets for $15/each. The stock is not as extensive as some of the other places we’ve been to, but everything they had in stock was significantly cheaper than the other salvage place we visit. Items we saw in stock included sinks, bathtubs, hardware, lighting, molding, flooring, and miles of windows.

An added bonus is that Ithaca is a beautiful town that is making every effort to preserve it’s historic buildings. It’s well worth a weekend roadtrip!

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Leah had this to say on 03.13.06:

Hey Mindy,
I know this might sound strange, but when we had to patch our termite-eaten, stained, rotted red oak floors (originally from the ’50s), we found perfectly matching red oak a Home Depot, of all places. The width and look of the wood was exactly the same, and we were lucky that our floors had never been sanded, so the height of the wood matched perfectly, too. I know your floors are probably much older, but it’s just an idea…

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