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Salvage Score: Free Landscaping


Anyone who has visited a tree nursery lately knows how expensive landscaping can be. A nice tree or bush can cost $100 – $200 dollars or more. So we’ve been doing piecemeal landscaping whenever we can. Last year we tried a few trees from a friend’s yard (see this post) but half of them were too young and fragile to survive our abrupt transplant. We also bought quite a few garden plants, one crab tree, and 6 small juniper bushes for one side of the house.

I present to you our newly acquired bushes:

landscaping bush

landscaping bush

landscaping bush

I took these photos with our old camera, which makes for crappy shots – but we’ll get glamorous ones when they get planted. Anyone happen to know what that middle bush is? It flowers, if that helps ;)

If you’re looking to fill your own lawn inexpensively, I have read that fall is the best time to move plants around (say, from your neighbor’s lawn to yours….) They’re getting ready to hibernate for winter and will survive the shock better.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Nate had this to say on 10.25.07:

Mindy, I believe that second bush is a variety of spiraea. My parents have them around their front porch, so it looks pretty familiar. Hope that helps!

erin had this to say on 10.25.07:

its a “spirea”. there are many kinds, though.

natalie had this to say on 10.26.07:

yep, spirea. variety ‘anthony waterer’, i think.
golden threadleaf cypress is the first.
bottom, don’t know–we can’t grow that in ga. either a cypress/juniper/spruce variety?
i have a degree in horticulture too.
what great finds!

Mindy had this to say on 10.26.07:
Kristin had this to say on 11.06.07:

It’s good to know that fall is a good time to move plants. We finally planted the potted hydrangea I bought in the spring. It has miraculously survived all these months sitting on our back porch steps (unlike all our other attempts), so I hope it survives the transplant.

7valleyplantcycle had this to say on 10.19.09:

Just wanted to share with everyone here, that CNYplantcycle is a local plant and seed trading group in your area, based out of North Syracuse, but we do swaps all over. This is a great way to learn about and acquire all kinds of plants for your landscaping projects.


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