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Sand Castle Virtues

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While walking through the halls of Crouse College yesterday en route to a meeting at work, I was struck by a piece of art I must have seen dozens of times. I had to bring my camera back today to snap the frame, because the top embellishment looks very similar to to the decorative elements found on our settee frame.

Antique painting and frame
Here is a close-up of the top – sorry about the shoddy quality, they have very dim lighting in there:
Closeup of antique picture frame

I’ll have to find out more about the age and origin of this particular piece – I’ve got some connections up there ;)
While I was snapping away, I realized I haven’t shared much of Syracuse University’s architecture with all of you. I often take it for granted since I’m in and out of these buildings every day, but some are truly breathtaking. Crouse is my favorite campus building; it’s the second one to be built on campus, dedicated in 1889. It was designed by Archimedes Russell, a very prolific Upstate New York architect. It’s built from Longmeadow sandstone with beautiful interior woodwork throughout, and is often referred to as “the castle” for obvious reasons.

I took this photo of Crouse this afternoon – proof that we DO actually have nice weather every once in a while. That blue sky is not a Photoshop job!

Crouse College Visual and Performing Arts Syracuse University

Here it is over a century ago:

Crouse College Visual and Performing Arts Syracuse University

This is one of my favorite viewpoints of an interior stairwell that looks exactly the same today:

Crouse College Visual and Performing Arts Syracuse University

And check out this newel post – hard to tell from the pics, but it’s taller than me!

Crouse College Visual and Performing Arts Syracuse University

More on the history of Crouse College:

More on Archimedes Russell:

Great photos of Syracuse area architecture:

Historic 1890’s:

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Leah had this to say on 07.20.06:

What happened to the angel’s head in that vestibule photo?

Greg had this to say on 07.21.06:

Wow! Wow! Wow!

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