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Scary bathroom “before” pics

Second Floor Basics

Lest anyone think we’re off our rockers for trying to do a quick fix on the upstairs bathroom before my brother moves in, I wanted to share with you the horror-show we’ve been using for the past year…

Exhibit A:

Twenty-year-old shag carpet that enthusiastically eats up germs and mildew, along with hair and toenail clippings. And horrible seaming, so the rug just pulls up everywhere to reveal a rotted carpet pad beneath.

Exhibit B:

The tub, with a terribly rotted abitibi surround which we “quick-fixed” a year ago with Great Stuff because there’s not enough caulk in the world to fill the seams.

Exhibit C:

Rug surrounding the toilet. Need I say more? Oh, and that stupid roll of toilet paper is not anchored into the wall very well, so every time you try to grab a sheet the whole thing falls off. I will not miss that feature one bit.

NO ONE should have to stare at that much mold day in and day out. Even someone who once read my dairy out loud, over the phone, to nine or so of his closest friends.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Heidi had this to say on 11.29.05:

Oh my! ::averting eyes:: Why do people carpet bathrooms? Why?

I can’t wait to see the after photos–sounds like you guys are doing a lot of work!

Steve had this to say on 11.29.05:

Those pictures are, truly scary! Good luck. =)

Patricia W. had this to say on 11.29.05:

Dang! Reminds me of this house when I got here. Everything was covered up with layer on layer on layer of….stuff…..

What is abitibi?

merideth had this to say on 11.29.05:


i really dont think further adjectives will help to clarify that.

merideth had this to say on 11.30.05:

ah gross. that is all.

Anonymous had this to say on 11.30.05:


Jim had this to say on 12.08.05:

My bathroom looked just like this when we moved in. The mold was so bad I had to have 2 Vodka marinis before starting the shower removal! And to think there was an elderly couple living in my house before we bought it. Very nice house btw.

Kristin had this to say on 12.13.05:

Ick! Carpet in a bathroom is never a good idea. Why oh why do people do that?

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