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Scary thought….

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I just read this thread on a board I frequent:

Basically, some poor historic home owner was giving a tour of of his place to some of his coworkers. One woman tripped on a step, and is now suing him. The poor guy. Let’s hope he has more than the lovely “hazard insurance” we’ve got. Makes me think twice about letting anyone in the door…. we’ve got safety hazards galore! Soon enough we’ll have real insurance though, and it’s not tour-worthy yet anyway.

Maybe we should post an “Enter at your own risk” sign at the front door?!

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ben had this to say on 06.28.05:

While researching our home’s history I found a newspaper article about the previous owner’s mother falling down the stairs and breaking her hip!

Sandy had this to say on 06.28.05:

What an awful story. I don’t think that paying someone’s medical bills, or offering to pay those bills, can ever be used as evidence of fault in a neglience suit. The court won’t allow anyone to say who paid the bills. So, at least we all don’t have to worry that paying the bills and being a nice person is going to hurt if some $^#% files a suit.

Kristin had this to say on 06.28.05:

My goodness, I just can’t understand why so many people don’t take responsibility for their own actions anymore. We had a swimming pool growing up, and my dad was always paranoid about our liability.

deb had this to say on 06.28.05:

next time i’m over at a co-worker’s home and trip on the stairs i’m definetly going to sue for my being clumsy.

jenne had this to say on 06.29.05:

good thing I’m antisocial :) j/k

Steve Nulsen had this to say on 06.30.05:

Your insight is great. As somebody who has been in the business for a long time, Your advice about everything is right on the mark. I have just started a similar blog ( and would love to link to your blog.


laura had this to say on 07.31.05:

hi! i just found your blog because i’m thinking about buying an old house…and i can’t believe you read glitter too! i’m leblanfo :) it’s nice to see another glitterati randomly on the internet!

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