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Slacking? Not a chance.

Major Projects

I’ve been neglecting our poor little site, so you might think we’ve been slacking off on the housework, but you’d be wrong…. we’re busier than ever trying to squeeze Christmas preparation in with the house repairs.

I primed and painted the office a nice gold color, but we haven’t taken pictures yet since the room is acting as our catch-all and is a complete disaster.

Teague took the molding off the scary annex door and blocked it off completely, sealing the seams with sheetrock compound. When we moved in, it looked like this:


We opened up the door to work in the annex, so for a while it looked like this:

Now, the seams are filled and it looks like this:

(click for larger)

We still have to do one more round of sheetrock, then sand it all down and repaint – but it’s looking MUCH better!

While he was it it, he also started filling in the gaping hall in the foyer. The manilla folder that was holding in a pile of crumbling plaster has been removed, along with the packing tape used to keep the gusts out.



(stay tuned for the afters, we haven’t gotten that far yet!)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Kristin had this to say on 12.20.04:

Well aren’t you two just busy bees? We got more boxes unpacked this weekend – hey, that’s something, right?

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