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So as not to ignore the elephant in the room…


Our loyal readers have probably noticed a little change in the sidebar. It’s true – we’ve sold our soul to advertisers.

Actually, we haven’t sold our souls at all, because the two ads we’ve accepted happen to be for companies we have much love for.

Rejuvenation sells period-authentic lighting and hardware that is so beautiful, I squeel like a little girl every time the new catalog arrives. We’ve got two bare-naked electrical boxes in our kitchen ceiling that will remain that way until the day our budget allows for two of these.

And the DIY Network…. I mean, come on!! I would be a DIY addict if our cable company was kind enough to carry the channel. I’ve surfed their site plenty of times for inspiration and ideas, so I am aware of how much I’m missing… If Time Warner was cooler, we could have caught this show on hardwood floor repair. Don’t think I haven’t written a few polite e-mails to the folks at TW begging them to add this channel….

So, I hope you will allow us this little indulgence as we test the ad waters with some worthy sponsors ;)

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Kristin had this to say on 04.17.06:

I feel the same way about Rejuvenation! And our cable company doesn’t include DIY either. Darn them! I’m forever seeing good shows on there and can’t watch them!

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