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So long, back porch



How great is my fiance? I came home from work yesterday to find the walls of our back porch GONE! When he gets into a project, he’s a maniac. He’s a neat maniac, though – he got all the debris loaded onto a trailer, and salvaged all of the clapboard siding, decorative elements, and useful wood.

What sparked the late winter demolition work? More insurance woes. We’re still trying to get things straightened out on that front. We’d like to go with the default New York State insurance for now, but are having trouble finding anyone to actually give it to us. The NYS people don’t answer phones or emails it seems. Yesterday we did make some progress though, and hopefully by the end of today we’ll have an answer.

In the meantime, it became evident that this project has to get done a.s.a.p. The New York State insurance covers the house at cost, so the bank would get their money back if it burned to the ground. But we’d be out on the streets if something major happened, so it’s not something we want to keep for very long. With nicer weather FINALLY heading our way, it’s time to say goodbye to the crumbling end of the house. We don’t feel too bad about it, since it’s not an original part of the house and sticks out like a sore thumb.

We’re looking into renting a dumpster by Friday, so this weekend will be a work weekend for sure! Maybe I’ll throw this on my iPod for inspiration.

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Kristin had this to say on 03.17.05:

I recently saw an episode of King of the Hill where they forgot to pay their insurance and didn’t have insurance for a day. They were going around accident-proofing their house. Hee hee, made me think of you, though your real-life trouble is much more … well, troublesome.

Jenne had this to say on 03.17.05:

Next week is a major week for our house too. Rob’s brother is coming out and we’re stripping paint work, getting a bobcat, ripping out concrete, and planting some flowers so our yard doesn’t look so sad….:)


Nick had this to say on 03.17.05:

Mindy –

Oh, what fun! If we lived in the neighborhood I’d be over in an instant to help. Good luck getting that dumpster on short notice…


Brian had this to say on 03.18.05:

i got a dumpster a month ago. 3yd with wheels. it will be here 6 months. i dont have large rooms to demo but i have 6 months worth of garbage. 1 side of the house siding should fit init. it cost 45 to deliver and 10 a week to empty. they wanted me to get a 6+ yd. 45 to deliver 90 to empty (oncall) plus tonnage plus rental if it went long. it didnt math out to me. our city used to have these 3 yd dumpsters to let and would pick them up on your usual garbage day but someone musta messed it up for all of us.

Beth had this to say on 03.18.05:

Teague rocks! Three cheers for Teague!

mindy had this to say on 03.20.05:

Nick – We managed to get a dumpster in two days! Which was good, since the neighbors would not have appreciated looking out their kitchen window to stare at the large pile of junk we’ve amassed thus far.

The dumpster got dropped off on Friday – they backed the truck right into the driveway and let it off near our shed. Pretty convenient, and the back end opens up so we don’t have to hurl things over the top yet.

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