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Some kind soul….



sent this beauty to us yesterday!

I came home from a long day of work and errands and tripped over a very large box in our entryway. Imagine my excitement when I turned on the porch light and saw what it was. This saw is something Teague has been drooling over for months, and it was one of the first things he put on the Home Depot registry. So he’s in heaven right now, looking for any and every reason to make a nice angled cut.

No card attached though, so we don’t know who to thank!

EDITED TO ADD: We found a card in the box (Teague has it open and is using it right now!!), and the saw is from his relatives, Stan and Anita Baron. Thanks, guys!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Nathan had this to say on 03.16.05:

OOoh! That’s my saw! I mean I have the same one and it ROCKS. It’s so easy and accurate that I can’t even offer any tips or anything~ just have at it! Mine was a housewarming present from my Aunt and Uncle, who were fixing up their own 90 yr old wreck when I was born, and who are probably largely responsible for my love of old houses and my faith that mine can someday be as unique and wonderful as theirs turned out to be.

Kristin had this to say on 03.16.05:

That’s awesome! If only we had been wise enough to register for power tools … but then we didn’t know what renovation freaks we would become. So instead we have lots and lots of casserole dishes.

Alex had this to say on 03.16.05:

Love tools! So sweet. I have hitachi myself, but I would rank the miter saw as #1 of my top 5 tools.

1. Hitachi 10″ Miter Saw (with a frickin “Laser” on it’s head)
2. Porter Cable Orbital Drywall Sander
3. Jet 10″ Contractor Table Saw
4. Porter Cable Router and New Yankee Table
5. 10 gallon Shop Vac with drywall filter bags for dust collection on all of the above.

If I can give any advice it is that the little dust bag does NOTHING! Go get some extra hoses and an adapter for the hoses, and then get a drwall dust filter bag for your shop vac and you won’t nearly have the mess that is normall associated with these jobs. You can hook the hose right up to the dust port.

mindy had this to say on 03.16.05:

Uggh, yes, I hate drywall mess. We need to get the filter/hose system hooked up to our shop-vac. That’d save lots of dusting and coughing.

We were blessed with a shed FULL of tools, including a table saw, router, sanders, etc. My parents are RV’ing across the south right now and my father gave us his tool collection when they sold their house. If not for his tools, we’d be at Home Depot every day!

Mary had this to say on 03.16.05:

Oh how cool!!! I think I need to register there!! Do they do baby registries? ;)

mindy had this to say on 03.17.05:


I’m sure they’d do any kind of registry you’d like. It’s a little bit of a pain because they don’t have the laser-gun thing that most stores have to just scan the items you want. Instead, you have to write down the SKU numbers and the customer service folks will put them into the computer.

In my opinion though, it’s very much worth the effort!


merideth had this to say on 03.18.05:

is that a SLIDING compound mitre saw? the sliding is the dream…the dream baby!!!

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