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Sounds of summer


Last night, while I was on the porch sanding down a door I’m refinishing, I noticed we were making quite the racket. Forget the hum of crickets, the breeze through the trees, and the ice cream truck jingle. We’re blocking them out with our hammers, saws, and sanders. Our neighbors must despise us.

During winter, I was so looking forward to nicer weather so that we could take our work outside. The cleanup is so much easier, and we’re not trapped with a bunch of terrible fumes. One more reason to love summer.

Teague’s father stopped by to help out last night, and the two of them got a plywood wrap on the east-facing wall. Here he is using the tablesaw:

While browsing for information on restoring and preserving decorative eave brackets (for the new back roof), I came across a very nice set of guidelines (PDF) for a historic district in Charlottesville. Don’t you think every historic town ought to have a set of these?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

jm had this to say on 06.21.05:

Although there may be a little noise in the short run, in the LONG run I’m sure your neighbors are thrilled that you are fixing up this house!

john m had this to say on 06.21.05:

I lived in Charlottesville for a few years. It is an interesting and forward thinking place. The center of the city is a pedestrian walkway that is a few blocks wide and maybe 10 blocks long. There are movie theaters, restaurants, bookstores, apartments, offices, a hotel, an ice skating rink and more, all in an open, public, accessible space. It is neat, a city that works. I didn’t really see too many older houses there, though, but that might just be perspective, coming from a bigger city.

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