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Still glad we didn’t tear the roof off


It’s STILL raining in Upstate New York. And I don’t mean spring showers or cute little sprinkles. I mean torrential rain, buckets and buckets of rain. The kind that wakes you up from a dead sleep, and has you staring out the window in amazement. The kind that makes you very glad you have a roof over your head and a sub pump working it’s magic to keep your basement from flooding.

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We’re being hit hard, but east and south areas are being hit even harder. 123 miles of the NYS thruway have been shut down (making my commute a LONG and traffic-riddled one) for the second day in a row. Two truckers died yesterday when they drove into a sinkhole on Rt. 81. It’s total madness, and very tragic.
We’re lucky that our area hasn’t seen any significant damage or flooding; we’re also lucky we didn’t start our roof project on Saturday. We’re definitely counting our blessings.

In other news, we met a very cool fixer-upper couple last night who were kind enough to give us a tour of their adorable historic home. And their bathrooms? One is pink, and one is purple. As in purple toilet, purple tub, purple sink, purple ceramic light fixtures. All original, all very cool and stylized. I’ll share photos tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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Leah had this to say on 06.29.06:

We got our first break from the rain yesterday – so don’t despair; it’s on its way!

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