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Stone Age Wallpaper

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Anyone close to me knows I have a real thing for dinosaurs. Blame it on the Advanced Dinosaur class I took while at RPI – a stellar science elective. Definitely more interesting than Geology or The Physics of Computing.

So if I ever win the lotto and can afford cool wallpaper, I’m doing a “feature wall” in this lovely number from Walnut Wallpapers:

Dinosaur wallpaper from Walnut Wallpapers

I love how soft and subtle it is… folks would hardly notice what a geek you were.

They have other offerings that are more traditional, including this cool paisley swirl applied very stylishly to a high ceiling:

Ceiling wallpaper - Victorian style

For a gallery full of cool papers, visit Walnut Wallpaper’s website:

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Derek had this to say on 09.19.07:

I think my son would love that paper too.

Kristin had this to say on 10.03.07:

” … folks would hardly notice what a geek you were.”

Ha! So funny.

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