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Sure, it has nothing to do with houses, but…….


how can you resist loving dogs this cute?

This picture was taken the same day that Nero (the min-pin) left a nice “surprise” in the passenger seat of the car while Teague and I were in an antique store, then managed to step in it and track it ALL OVER THE SEATS, requiring us to drive to a nearby gas station and purchase Handi-Wipes for emergency clean-up. Bruiser, meanwhile, managed to eat an entire apple including the core, plus a few paper bags and a piece of plastic wrap. All this while we naively imagined then to be napping in the sun as we had left them.

So I guess you could resist, if you really tried.

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Jess had this to say on 03.03.05:

My boy cat has eaten (amongst other things):

-rubber band
-numerous ponytail holders
-hot pepper seed
-many houseplants

I also had a lab who passed away a year ago who, in his lifetime, had eaten:

-double king size bar of chocolate
-a rising loaf of bread
-a many pound bag of birdseed
-a chocolate cake (under sealed tuperware!)
-a leather coat (sans zipper)

I never cease to be amazed at the recouperative powers of the canine and feline digestive systems.

Glad to hear its not just me who has the goat-appetite animals. :-)

mindy had this to say on 03.03.05:

It’s amazing, isn’t it? These two ate an entire 2-lb tub of gummie candies on Christmas day this year while we were eating our nice dinner. Apparently, they were jealous.

Along with the gummies, they managed to scarf down 6-8 dark chocolate Dove candies that were in a covered glass candy dish on a high-up ledge. Don’t ask how they got into them, because even Houdini would balk at such feats. They threw up for two days, but overall I think it was more painful for me than them!

Nero also famously ate TWO Calvin Klein bras (does he know how much those things cost?!) in one sitting, and later pooped out an entire bra strap, fully intact.

No one warns you about these things when you’re thinking about dog ownership!

Jenne had this to say on 03.03.05:

Talk about timing….Rob and I are heading to the humane society tonight to look at a dog to add to our home. How do your pets react to all the work you’re doing on the house?

mindy had this to say on 03.03.05:

Jenne –

They’ve actually been surprisingly non-affected by the chaos. Neither liked the demolition work the other day, so they just sat on the couch looking annoyed…. but they don’t cower in fear when we pick up a hammer or anything :) I was surprised by how well they adjusted to the new house. Dogs are remarkably adaptable. More so than cats, I think.

Kristin had this to say on 03.04.05:

On the adaptability subject, we were afraid of how our cats would react to the new house, but they fell in love with it immediately. Much more space for them to roam around in!

Your pups are cuties, even if they are destructive cuties. The bra strap story reminded me of when I was 13 and our dog Mattie snuck and turkey out of the garbage and ended up eating the string. Later she had a long, poop-covered string coming out of her nether regions. Yummy.

Jess had this to say on 03.04.05:


I laughed so hard at your pup stories my coworkers came over to see if I was okay. Thank you for the Friday lift! :-) And thank your little ones for me too. The bra story is great. Nothing is more humbling than looking through your pet’s poo for a possible intestine-lacerating treat…

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