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Taking advantage of the long weekend?


Some of us (Teague) don’t get things like holiday weekends, but I work at a University where life is good, so I have Monday off. That means I have three whole days to work on house projects. (In between fireworks and grilled hamburgers, of course)

Things I would like to accomplish this weekend:

  • Get garage sale items organized for next weekend
  • Finish the trim on the kitchen cupboards that has been half-completed for months
  • Put 2 coats of spar varnish on the entryway floor
  • Make new curtains for the living room
  • Prime the side wall of the kitchen addition and all of the trim

Things I wouldn’t mind starting, if I somehow manage to have extra energy:

  • Remove the nasty carpeting from the upstairs hallway
  • Clean and paint the downstairs radiators

What’s on your schedule for the long weekend?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Jocelyn had this to say on 07.01.05:

I am pretty beat, but I think I’ll start stripping some mouldings and my sig other is going to finish detail work in the kitchen and start the shelving.

merideth had this to say on 07.01.05:

finish building the fence, 2nd gate, and trellis
stain that stuff
further progress on the windows

sit around with friends and fam while barbecuing a bunch of chicken

trying to stay cool

but then, i allllwwwaayys stay cooooool ;)

Diane had this to say on 07.04.05:

I’m sure your projects would go better if your cousins didn’t come and walk on the not quite dry varnish!

Alex had this to say on 07.04.05:

We had family in town over the weekend, so the plan is just for today. So I think I will:

1. Strip the original double parlor French doors
2. Sand the wood filler on the trim all around the house
3. Paint the trim in the temp-renovation kitchen
4. Put the last coat of pain on the back yard door
5. Paint the trim at the top of the stairs
6. And most importantly, watch the Nationals beat up on the Mets, what’s more 4th of July than watching a baseball game!

Jenne had this to say on 07.04.05:

You know, I always have ideas of what I want to do…but other stuff always gets in the way.
I wanted to work on -my- house this weekend…but my aunt [who loooong ago promised to help me work on my house, even set up days/times to come help, then just never showed] is having a baby, and she has no idea how to paint, hang pictures, etc. and neither does her husband…SO I got guilt-tripped into helping. Why do people just stand there and say, “Oh, I’ve never painted before, so I can’t help and I’m just gonna stand here and watch”, or “I’ve never used a power drill before, so I can’t do it” Just do it! You’ll learn as you go!!! ARGH!

Sorry Mindy. I’m just frustrated to be related to people with that mindset.
I’ve got 32 million projects going on with my house. I can’t believe I go spend my time helping people who won’t even attempt to paint their own baby nursery. *sigh*

Graham had this to say on 07.05.05:

Installing the shower from hell! I know somewhere there is a place where the sun is shining, birds are singing, all the walls are square, and the floors are level………..

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