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Taxes & Rewards


The bad news:

Today’s the last day to get your taxes filed.

The good news:

After you finish filing, you’ll have worked up an appetite. As luck would have it, today is Free Cone day at Ben & Jerry’s.

Free Ice Cream Cone Day, Ben & Jerry’s

See? Life isn’t so bad.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Leslie had this to say on 04.17.07:

Yeah, except now you’ve totally ruined my day, made me cry, made my significant other mad at me… I read your post, called upstairs to tell my honey that we were high-tailing it into town to get a free ice cream, honey comes running down the stairs almost tripping and killing herself in the process, and as I yank on my shoes I’m checking online to verify the local B&J’s hours, and….

They’re not participating in free cone day.

I’m crushed beyond measure, to have my sky-high but fragile hopes for a free Chunky Monkey dashed on the bitter sharp rocks of life. Honey is threatening divorce for misleading her so cruelly and putting her life at stake.

Oh the horror, the humanity!!!!

I think I’ll go off into the corner and finish my good cry now. All alone. No ice cream to comfort me…. ::schniff:::

(you know I’m kidding, right?!?!? But FEH on the local B&J’s for not participating!!)

Mindy had this to say on 04.18.07:

Ha! Ok, I just spit my coffee out, literally, on my keyboard.

Thanks for the morning laugh. I cannot believe your B&J isn’t participating, that’s awfully grinchy of them.

If it makes you feel any better, we don’t have a B&J near us so I didn’t get any either. Taste the sad….

When I was in college, we had one ON CAMPUS (the gloriousness of this cannot be stressed enough) and on Free Cone Day we’d all line up and wait for hours. They never turned anyone away, despite the fact that the entire campus took advantage of the offer. It was almost always a nice day, and a spring ritual that marked the (almost) end of the semester, so B&J is forever linked to a feeling of euphoria for me. Makes me a little nostalgic just thinking of it!

Leslie had this to say on 04.18.07:

Hee. Hey, at least we didn’t drive the 15 miles to get there!! I would now be a single woman for sure.

There wasn’t any such things as “free cone days” back in the stone ages when I was in school. However, when I was in graduate school in the early ’80’s, Haagen Dazs was just starting to have stores, and the local pizza parlor decided to expand and become a HD store as well. Not only that, but they DELIVERED – scoops, sundaes, milkshakes, you named it.

Being the poverty stricken person that I was (no rich mummy & daddy paying my way at this school that seemed to cater to the kids who couldn’t get into Harvard or Princeton), I had a job there as a delivery person. AND as part of my pittance wages, I got to have as much of any of their food as I wanted while I was on duty and not on the road.

So yes, you got it: Unlimited free Haagen Dazs. You heard of the “freshman 15”? Try the “first year of graduate school [edited to save me the shame]”.

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