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This link is for Teague, who dreams of using Terra-Cotta somewhere in the house:


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Kristin had this to say on 01.23.05:

Mmmm, I love Bradbury & Bradbury. Did you hear they’re going out of business next year?

mindy had this to say on 01.23.05:

Really? Maybe they’ll have a good sale and we’ll actually be able to afford to do a room in this stuff. I would LOVE that. Not them going out of business, but my owning wallpaper as dreamy as that!

Kristin had this to say on 01.24.05:

That’s my dream, too. I love a good sale, but from the article I read it sounded like they’d just keep taking regular orders until the time ran out and then boom – it’d be over. But my interpretation could be wrong. I hope so!

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