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The bathtub: before and after

Downstairs Bathroom, Photo Gallery

The downstairs tub was covered in old, crusty non-slip decals. Look what a little hot water, a putty knife, some Goo-Gone and a little elbow grease will do:

Before After

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Mark had this to say on 11.15.04:

yeah, taking the after shot a little out of focus also helps hide the inperfections. ah, but i’m jealous anyway.

kim had this to say on 01.29.05:

Thought you’d like to know that the first sewing machine you found is called a Singer “Red Eye” machine (because the decals look like eyes). If you want to clean it up, use a soft cloth and water — most cleaners will destroy the decals. If you don’t want it, don’t throw it away — there are plenty of people who would be glad to take it off your hands.

Good luck with the house — we close on our 1887 farmhouse next week….

mindy had this to say on 01.31.05:

Thanks Kim – the sewing machine is extremely beautiful, so I am thinking of displaying it in the house somewhere rather than selling it. It’s great to know what type it is – I looked all over and couldn’t find that info!


Kasmira had this to say on 02.08.05:

My bathtub has similar decal remnants. I’ll try the goo gone too!

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