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The best kind of neighbors


There is a house two blocks from us that has always interested me. It’s a huge Victorian on Peterboro Street, and it’s porch is always filled with neat looking furniture and collectibles. Recently, I spotted an “Antiques” sign hanging out front and was lucky enough to catch it open.

All I can say is WOW.

I had no idea what our neighbors were hiding inside that house. First of all, they’re extremely nice people with some very unique (and well priced) antiques for sale. They try to keep the shop open in between outings and auctions. They had plenty of Victorian things, including some great pieces of large furniture. There was a dark-stained Eastlake bedroom set that had my name all over it – too bad I haven’t won the lottery yet.

But what really surprised me was the house’s interior. It is so very, very grand. It was built by the Crouse family, a well-known name around this area. It was also a Masonic Lodge at some point. The current owners have been there about twenty years and it serves as both their home and shop.

Their … well, I guess I’d call it a ballroom… has incredibly high ceilings with a GIANT floor to ceiling oval mirror. I have never seen something so breathtaking, except in museums. The mirror has a gilded frame, and there is gilded plasterwork on the ceiling as well. There’s another large mirror at the opposite end of the room, gilded also. It was an incredible surprise, and it’s got me wondering what our other neighbors have behind their front doors!

The best part of my visit, aside from meeting such cool new neighbors, is what we ended up taking home with us….. 5 lovely pressed-back dining room chairs. Now we can get rid of the ugly fabric chair covers our dogs insist on marking.

I can’t wait to go back, and when I do I’m bringing my camera so I can show you all the mirrors!

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Kristin had this to say on 01.19.06:

Very lovely chairs, indeed! I love browsing around antique shops … and my neighbors’ homes … this house sounds like the perfect spot to spend an afternoon!

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