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The Madison-Bouckville Antique Show


Bouckville Antique Show

This summer has flown by; perhaps it’s the heat waves and severe flooding we’ve had this year, or just that we’ve been so busy. Remember when you were a kid, and summers seemed so endless? You couldn’t stop complaining about how bored you were, and how there was nothing to do. What I wouldn’t give for a few hours of boredom now!

August crept up so fast that I almost forgot about the Madison-Bouckville outdoor antique show that’s coming up next weekend. It takes place about 30 minutes from us, and it’s a biggie – not quite Brimfield, but close. There are over 1,000 dealers on 90 acres of farmland. It’s a beautiful place to walk around, though it can be VERY muddy if rain gets in the mix.

If you live nearby and like antiques, it’s definitely worth checking out. The show runs this Saturday and Sunday, August 14th and 15th, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Admissions is $6 for a single day, or $7 for the whole weekend.

See you there for some window shopping?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Jocelyn had this to say on 08.11.06:

Oh, to be “bored” and not have something to do- I remember that too!
This summer has flown by. We haven’t even gone swimming in the lake yet and it’s 2 blocks away from us!

Kristin had this to say on 08.11.06:

I experienced some boredom during my surgery downtime, but now I’m back full tilt and barely have time to breathe! Now why can’t there just be a happy medium?

Bill had this to say on 08.10.07:

Just wanted to add that there are many shows starting Monday and running thru the week/weekend. I’m guessing 1500 or more dealers are in town all week, and I’ve found my best buys on Tuesday and Weds, all along Rt. 20 from Bouckville to Madison.

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