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The obsession travels


Just when you think you’re far enough away from home to start acting like a normal person (instead of a home repair addict), something pulls you right back in.

Behold my father-in-law, Don, pointing out an obvious case of the “notch trick“.

Teague noticed it on our way out of a Butterfly Conservatory in Durham, North Carolina. He spent most of our weekend getaway pointing out various construction flaws in porches, benches, walls and ceilings throughout the city. Apparently, 700 miles isn’t far enough to escape the obsession.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Katherine had this to say on 04.21.06:

Haha! Isn’t it funny how they do that? Kurt will inspect everywhere we go to and say “Why did they do that with the electrical?” or “They could have done it this way and it would have looked a lot better/saved a bunch of money/never would have known how it looked before/insert one of many lines here…”!!

ben had this to say on 04.22.06:

Sounds serious. You may have a “carrier” and not just an infection. The only cure I know is to finish all home improvement – and who knows when that would ever happen. Maybe best to just learn to live with the disease ;-)

Lillian had this to say on 04.22.06:

It’s not just home repair addicts. When my husband worked for a lock company, I got dragged over to doors all the time to see what locks they were using. If it wasn’t one from his company, he made little comments about what was wrong with that brand. Then when I worked reception for the elevator company, I checked out any elevator we used. Strangely enough, I still look at locks and elevators even though it’s been 16 and 7 years respectively. And my father, the 92 year old former aircraft mechanic, is always checking out planes and cars. I guess some thing never leave you.

mindy had this to say on 04.24.06:

Katherine – I’m sure the boys will be spending hours chatting about JUST THESE THINGS again someday soon :)

Lillian – Very true! I grew up right next to the Oneida Limited factories and office buildings. Most of my neighbors worked for Oneida in some way or another. So I always flip my silverware over in restaurants to check the name on the back :)

Ben – We’re definitely going the “learn to live with it” route. Now that we’re this entrenched, I fear that’s our only hope.

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