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The Roedde House – Tour a Queen Anne Revival

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While Googling “cupola interior” the other day (what don’t I Google?), I came across a lovely little site called Roedde House: A Window to the Past. It’s an educational tour of a fully restored late-Victorian Queen Anne Revival in Vancouver, B.C.

Roedde House

Though the site appears to be written for children, there’s plenty of good stuff here. If you click through the “House Tour” section, you’ll find tons of photos – including images of the exterior from all angles, and some great interiors that are hard to come by. The “Treasures” section tells you more about the antiques found throughout the house.

If you leave near Vancouver and want to plan a visit, be sure to visit the museum’s website for additional info and directions:

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Kristin had this to say on 08.16.06:

What a neat little website! Maybe if I ever get to Vancouver, I’ll stop in for a visit at the Roedde house. Now, I’m off to Google to find out where on earth Heligoland is located!

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