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Tired, but accomlished


This weekend felt LONG…… and not in a good way. Teague and I spent most of our free time wandering from project to project. But at least the weather cooperated. For the first time in weeks, it was actually enjoyable to be outdoors.

I accomplished just about everything on my immediate to-do list, and also managed to put up Tyvek, mow half of the lawn, and weed our flower beds. I also got the shopping bug, so used some of our Home Depot gift card money to buy pretty house plants. I’m always to cheap to buy the nice big ones, but now I have a bunch. Hooray, and thanks to our generous wedding guests ;) We also got a very generous gift certificate to a local nursery (Thanks, Diane!), and I can’t wait to go. I realize I shouldn’t be this excited about greenery, but I can’t help myself. I keep spiralling further and further into house-geekdom. I think I need to get out more.

Teague had to work both Sunday and Monday, but still managed to get a great deal of work done on the kitchen. One of the windows now has trim – and it matches the rest of the house wonderfully. The man has a way with a mitre saw.


Old house enthusiasts might wonder at a few things – like, why we used a vinyl replacement window. We decided that since all of the other 23 windows in the house are vinyl replacements, anything else would look out of place. I’d certainly rather have old pretty ones, and maybe someday we’ll get around to installing something more historic looking, but for now at least they all match.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Jocelyn had this to say on 07.05.05:

Well, at least we’re not the only ones that worked our butts off all weekend. Kind of makes me feel better that you did also. It’s so funny when I talk with people on the day after a long holiday and they are like, “Oh, it was so relaxing, etc…” Makes me feel a little lame, but really it shouldn’t.

That window framing is beautiful.

SD had this to say on 07.05.05:

Yes, it really is beautiful. I wouldn’t worry about the vinyl windows. Most old homes, ours included, have a mish mash of old, new, and sort of new windows. There are so many better things to worry about…

Derek had this to say on 07.05.05:

I think the vinyl is a good idea if it’s one window. Then when you replace the vinyl, you can do them all at once, all with the same brand of window.

jason had this to say on 07.05.05:

That window trim is amazing. Nice work.

Kristin had this to say on 07.05.05:

Looks fantastic! I love the interesting shape in the trim above the window.

Eilis had this to say on 07.05.05:

Looks great! That boy always amazes me…
Looks like things are coming along. Glad you had a productive weekend and am sorry I didn’t get out to see it. I’ll be home in a couple of weeks and would love to sip lemonade on the porch…


mindy had this to say on 07.05.05:

Yeah, he’s good, isn’t he?

He’s talking about redoing the curve because it’s not quite exact…. I think it looks awesome, but he’s even more of a perfectionist than I am!

I’m glad no one was too disgusted by the vinyls…. like Derek said, if we’re going to do something different with the windows, we’d rather do it all at once. And 25 new windows DEFINITELY aren’t in this year’s budget!

Eilis – we’ll save a nice comfy chair for you :)

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