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Tired, but triumphant


My knuckles are bloody, my back is aching, my eyelids could use a set of toothpicks to keep them up…… but I am thrilled with yesterdays accomplishments!

I have great news for all you fixer-uppers out there who are in the same position we are. Last night, at around midnight, Teague and I determined that although it’s going to be slow going, we CAN and WILL rewire the house without hiring a pro.

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All of you gave us great advice, and we appreciate the many helpful comments, including this note from Carol: “Wiring is not hard, just time consuming.” She wasn’t kidding…. we worked from 8am till midnight yesterday, and haven’t gotten to the first floor yet. However, that doesn’t mean we weren’t productive. We installed an entirely new circuit for the basement, including 4 new receptacles and 1 light switch. Now, we can turn the power off on the first floor without losing lights in the basement. Major and very necessary improvement!

We also got the panel boxes secured to the wall (they were mounted poorly and could be jiggled around – not good), got a lot of junk cable cut down and out of the basement, and ran wire for a new circuit that will have a GFI breaker and will power the fridge in the kitchen.

Here’s what our new lines look like:

HUGE thanks to Teague’s father, who has been a tremendous help and a great source of knowledge, and to Teague’s mother, who brought over a great home-cooked meal last night and gave everyone a second wind!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Beth had this to say on 01.13.05:

VERY excited for y’all.

merideth had this to say on 01.13.05:

rock on!

Kristin had this to say on 01.14.05:

You should have your own show on the DIY network.

mindy had this to say on 01.14.05:

Haha – let me tell you, we’re just happy that it’s not over our heads. Time, we’ve got (sort of) – money, not so much.

We spent about $350 on supplies thus far, but should have enough to do most if not all of the first floor. Compare this to the cost of hiring someone to do the job, and that is a HUGE chunk of “sweat equity” we’re earning.


jm had this to say on 01.15.05:


(We couldn’t do this in Chicago because of the whole permit thing…but I think it would have been interesting to learn)


Brian had this to say on 01.16.05:

what is not shown in the pic of the box is the supply. they may have already installed the service wire but if you have to do this you can run your new box off of the old one to help the transistion. running the new box parralell with the dryer is what i do then you have to not use new stuff and dryer at the same time but its only for a while.

i posted lengthy helper for yesterday.

jenne had this to say on 01.16.05:

You guys are awesome and brave! Rob keeps mentioning that he’ll re-do our wiring someday [and our plumbing]. I’ll have to show him this post to get him motivated! ;)

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