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To-do list


The excitement is mounting, as are the lists of things that need to happen before Friday. Including:

– Get a meter reading so NiMo can start service
– Find out how we sign up for city water
– Call Time Warner to set up cable and road runner
– Rent a moving truck
– Bring change of address forms to the post office
– Call all of my credit card companies etc. to change my address (I hate doing this!)
– Finish packing and cleaning (the bottom of the fridge is covered in some type of sticky juice substance…)
– Eat as much leftover food as possible to reduce the amount of crap being moved
– Fax the home insurance binder agreement to our lawyer. Figure out whether we have to pay the home insurance up-front.
– Move money over from savings and get a cashiers check for the closing costs

We can’t figure out how we want to organize. Right now, I think we’ve settled on getting a truck Friday afternoon and keeping it till Saturday. We’ll pack it all up Friday night and do the big move Saturday morning. That’ll give us some time to clean out the house before we overload it with boxes and furniture.

The good news is that we’ve got lots of help – our families are awesome and they’re all pitching in. They haven’t seen the place yet – hopefully they will see the potential it has and overlook the, errrm, holes in the wall.

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