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Toilet-Shaped House (no kidding)


I’m all for modern design and unique architecture, but this? This seems like a resell nightmare…

Toilet House

The toilet house was built by Sim Jae-duck, the chairman of the organizing committee of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association. Apparently he hopes his toilet house “will highlight the global need for better sanitation”. Hmmm…. I think it highlights the fact that if you’re rich enough, people will tell you your ideas are brilliant no matter how crappy they are. Pun intended.

Toilet side

It’s not quite as ugly from the side,  although it kinda reminds me of a big cruise ship. I’m sure it gets fabulous sunlight all year round, but no way would I trade our Victorian charmer for this thing…..

Found via Freshsome 

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Derek had this to say on 10.18.07:

he could do an addition at the back, and make it in to a shoe or boot.

becky had this to say on 10.19.07:

What I want to know is how many baths :)

Yardbirdsax had this to say on 10.21.07:

Wow… I’ve seen some weird modern homes, but this? I’m with you… give my our nice brick-and-mortar house over this UFO-lookalike monstrosity.

colleen had this to say on 10.22.07:

ok thats gross!!!!
mindy read your post on the super easy clean paint brush but i took an old slicker brush [ my dogs hated it] and it worked great to clean brushes right down to the use for it ever !!!
also my oven 9 yr old amana died called amana less than helpful, got online repair ordered the part and my husband installed in about 15 min . took longer to level the stove. i think saved me about $300.00 it was the timer circut board usually this is not refundable and they actually helped me diagnos the prob and how to access the board and delievered in about 1 week. geez what a deal

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