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Unearthing more pink

Second Floor Basics

On Saturday, I got one of those rare burts in energy that makes me want to run around the house tackling the largest, most tiring projects I can find. Maybe it was the break in the 90-degree weather, or the 4 cups of coffee I’d gulped down that morning. Or maybe it has something to do with Teague’s new business and the anxiousness that brings with it; I tend to get overly productive when I’m nervous.

In any case, I decided that I would pull out the rug in the upstairs hallway. It’s that yummy 70’s rainbow striped stuff that Jeannie and Aaron also had to get rid of. And, surprise, was soaked in decades of cat urine. Mmmmmm.


Ripping out the rug revealed a carpet pad that had turned to dust, a layer of backer board, and then, lo and behold, some decent looking wide planked wood floors. Hurrah! By decent looking, I mean that with a good sanding, staining and coat of polyurethane, they will pass as quaint.

Of course, getting these layers off the floor was no small task, because the backer board was nailed down every few inches and the carpet pad dust was causing sneezing fits. And then, as with all of our demo jobs, it kept expanding. After I got the carpet off, I decided to remove the wood paneling as well. And what did I find underneath this? PINK! Bright pink walls, the same shocking color that we found in the downstairs bathroom, and also on the walls in the stairwell. Where will we find this crazy color next, I wonder?

The big find, though, was more tin – old ceiling tiles, painted pink, cover the bottom half of one side of the hallway. It’s the same tin used in the stairwell.

I’d have lovely “after” pictures for you, but I forgot to upload the latest photos…. I’ll get them up tomorrow, I promise.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Trissa had this to say on 07.25.05:

I can’t wait to see the tin. The projects are always better once the demo part is done- especially when it’s old smelly carpet! Looking forward to the pictures!

jenne had this to say on 07.25.05:

Hey Mindy!
You knows…they still sell that rainbow stripe carpet at Menard’s..I think it’s 19 cents/sq ft. :)

I have a quick question. I see from the pic that your woodwork is painted. do you think it’s always been painted, or are there places on it, like at my house, where someone has smacked into it and you can see varnished/shellac-ed woodwork underneath?

Don’t you just love ripping up carpet? Last summer, Rob and I ripped up the carpet in our master bath on our anniversary…and it was all urine soaked also…but I don’t think cats used the toilet…so that especially made Rob gag. Carpet in a bathroom…ick. Underneath we found some really wild lineoleum…but alas when they did the carpet, they smeared glue all over the lineoleum and then mushed the carpet into it. Ick.

Take care!

Derek had this to say on 07.25.05:

I think every room in our house was pink at one point. We seem to find it everywhere. The tin ceiling sounds cool.

mindy had this to say on 07.25.05:

Judging by the downstairs trim, I’d say the woodwork was once shellac-ed. How the heck do you spell that? Haha. Anyway…….At some point I want to strip the downstairs trim, but will probably leave the upstairs painted. 19 cents a square foot sounds about right for that carpet – WHO is installing that in their house this very moment???

I actually like demo, because it’s over with quickly. Probably because you don’t stop after a few hours and leave the place looking like hell, you power through till it’s halfway clean and decent. So unlike my other projects, it doesn’t drag out over weeks unecessarily. ;)

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