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Victorian Homes – Interior Inspiration

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The photo-sharing community Flickr has got to be one of my favorite web tools EVER – second only to blogs, of course. Those of you using it need no convincing as to why it’s amazing. Those of you who aren’t… get over there and check it out! You can start with our Flickr gallery, which contains nearly every photo of the house we’ve ever taken:

But by all means, do not stop there. It’s a fantastic resource for all you house voyeurs. You can find all sorts of great images, old and new. And individual picture-takers can feed into larger groups or “pools”, which is where the fun really begins.

Give these two photo pools a shot when you have about 342 hours to waste:

Victorian Design and Residential Architecture

Victorian dining room

This pool features all things Victorian-house-related including exterior and interior shots, closeups on details such as lighting and hardware, Victorian-era antiques, and scans of old photos that feature room setups and/or houses. It’s a gold mine!

Vintage Home Interiors
Rockford Lake-Peterson House

Victorian room

This one is not limited to Victorian interiors, but it has lots of amazing old photos of nearly every era. These pics are priceless, and the good people who spent time scanning them in and sharing them deserve much love.
Victorian Style Homes

Victorian doorway

Trying to pick the perfect paint scheme? Wondering what your porch looked like before it got remuddled? This is the pool to check out. Mostly exteriors, but tons of them!

Have you got a favorite Flickr hangout? Do share…… I’m always looking for new inspiration ;)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Greg had this to say on 02.21.07:

All right! Another way to waste countless hours on-line!

Seriously, those are great collections.

Kristin had this to say on 02.21.07:

Just when I think I’ve reached the Internet …

diana had this to say on 01.31.09:

i noticed that the woodwork is painted which i like —but in the house that i am checking out to buy alot of the wood has been brought to the honey color —which color is better for the home —it is a victorian in ny state and has about 2600 sq ft is it better with the white like i said i like better but wanted to try to stay true to still somewhat thanks for your time ds

Jewel had this to say on 03.19.09:

Just when I think I have found it all. OMG. I found you site tonight and am in Heaven. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I will be a regular visitor.

tara had this to say on 02.01.11:

that house is just so historically beutiful love it,c id love to live in house that has the old victorian feeling and look in it one day lovely

Ignacio Segura had this to say on 05.06.11:


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