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Visiting a different fixer-upper


I won’t be posting much this week – I’m too busy hiking, window shopping, and sleeping in. We’re up in Bar Harbor – Teague is here to put a screen room on his parent’s cottage, and I tagged along for the views.

Right now, I’m listening to drilling behind me – so even though I’m technically on vacation, it feels very much like home!

In true Wagner spirit, the cottage was bought from an old Mainard who drank too much and apparently did not own a level. There’s not a right angle in the place, and much of it appears to be cobbled together from scrap lumber. The neighbors thought for sure that Don and Geri would bulldoze it and start over. And that’s what anyone else in the world would have done – except Don and Geri.

They’ve saved this quaint little piece of history, and each year when we visit it becomes more apparent just how much charm it has. Much like our own house, sweat equity, love, and a few bottle jacks have made a big difference. Bar Harbor could use more fixer-uppers – they have seen many beautiful historic homes bulldozed for the land, on which developers erect McMansions and condos. This isn’t likely to stop soon – prices are so outrageous that only developers can afford to buy them.

I will post photos when we roll back into town and I get my bearings!

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