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Weekend wrap-up


We worked our BUTTS OFF this weekend, but we accomplished so much it’s hard to be bitter about it. On Saturday, we got up at 8am to get cracking on the wiring. Ahhh, the wiring. What fond memories I’ll have when that project is actually over and I don’t ever have to wrangle with another outlet box again. With Teague’s father’s help, we rewired the rest of the dining room, foyer, and office. That makes 4 rooms completed on the first floor, plus the whole basement. Yeehaw!

Here’s Don getting down and dirty with one of the outlets:

Amidst the wiring, we also managed to paint the interior of the front door a nice crisp white (since stripping woodwork seems further and further away every day), paint two wooden shelves I picked up for the kitchen, and fix a frozen water pipe in the kitchen.

The leaking radiator was a project we should have tackled MUCH sooner – it’s been dripping since we moved in, and has gotten progressively worse as the temperature drops. It had become a serious problem, since the floor was constantly getting wet. So we finally yanked the sucker off and put some pipe dope around the threads of the screw parts, fixed the angle that the radiotor met the steam pipe, and rescrewed everything together. 2 days later, and still no drips!

After a full day of house work, we were such lucky New Yorkers – we got to shovel snow! And not just a little snow, oh no…… we shoveled mounds and mounds of fluffy goodness for over an hour. What a way to wind down after a hard day, right?

Can’t wait to go to work so I can relax!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Kristin had this to say on 01.24.05:

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as a productive weekend.

Beth had this to say on 01.24.05:

What y’all have done is awesome. So impressed with your wiring skills!
So tell me….what do your walls look like? Are they still in tact, or did you have to make holes?
Inquiring, copying minds want to know…

LisaB had this to say on 01.24.05:

Your house is so beautiful – thank goodness it found owners willing to work so hard to preserve it.

Aunt Sue had this to say on 01.25.05:

Your pretty blue house looks lovely surrounded by the white fluffy stuff. Glad there isn’t
any down here but it has been rather
chilly a couple of days. Good luck on all
your projects.

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